7. Sınıf İngilizce 2. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları ve Cevapları

A) True/ False
I used to live in a small town when I was a child. My parents had a small house there but it had a big garden. There were trees and flowers in the garden. My cousins and I used to play in the garden. We used to wash our clothes in the river. We didn't use to have a washing machine because there wasn't any electricity. We didn't use to watch TV. We used to often play chess. There weren't any computers so we didn't use to play computer games. We didn't use to have a telephone in the house. 

1- She used to live in a big city. _______ 2- Her family used to have a small house._________
3- She used to wash clothes by hand. _______ 4- She used to play computer games. ________
5- She didn’t used to have a mobile phone. ______ 6- She used to watch t.v at home. ______

B) Fill in the blanks with "used to" or " didn't use to" .

1. Yunus __________________ go to work by bicycle but now he has a car.
2. People ___________________ live in big cities 50 years ago.
3. My brother and sister _________________ play basketball when they were children.
4. People _________________ travel by coaches in the past.
5. People _______________ communicate with cell phones in 1980.

      Write " TRUE" or "FALSE".
1. Patrick is heavier than Sponge Bob. ______
2. Squidward is as tall as Patrick. ______
3. Sponge Bob is older than Patrick. ______
4. Squidward is the youngest of all. ______
5. Patrick is lighter than Squidward. ______
6. Sponge Bob is the shortest of all. ______
7. Patrick is as old as Squidward. ______

D) Make sentences with superlative form.
1. ( Everest - high mountain) :
2. ( Rize - beautiful city) :
3. ( Erzurum - cold city) :
4. ( Ferrari - expensive car) :
5. (The Nile - long river) :
6. (Fenerbahçe - good team) :

E) Match.
dishwasher  -  vacuum cleaner  -  paper  -  washing machine  -  ipod

F) Circle the correct option.
1. Elephants can’t / couldn’t jump.
2. Einstein couldn’t /can’t speak until he was four.
3. Kıraç is a singer. He could/can sing songs well.
4. When I was a little child I couldn’t/can’t sleep in the darkness.
5. Leonardo da Vinci could/can write with one hand and draw with other at the same time.
6. Moussa Sow can/could play football well. He is the best footballer in Turkey.

G) Fill in the blanks.
1. Anacondas are the most ____________________animals.
2. The blue whale is the most___________________ sea animal.
3. A cheetah is _________________than a zebra.
4. Computer is the most ___________________device.
5. A silver necklace is _________________than a golden necklace.

useful   -   faster   -   heaviest   -  
 dangerous   -   cheaper
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