8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Dönem 1. Yazılı Soruları ve Cevapları


  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words in the box. 2x5=10 pts

punctual-stingy–naughty- reliable- hardworking
1.My best friend doesn’t like spending money.He is hardworking.
2.Joe always comes on time. He is never late. He is so punctual.
3.Mary listens to her teachers carefully. She does her homework everyday. She is stingy.
4. I can tell my secrets to my best friend Demet.. She is very reliable.
5.My brother is very naughty. He always jumps up and down and break things.
  1. Complete the sentences with “Should or Shouldn’t”.2x 5=10 pts

  1. A good friend Should be understanding, supportive and helpful.
  2. If your best friend tells you a secret, you Should keep it.
  3. Good friends Should give eachother compliments. 
  4. Good friends Shouldn’t” hurt each other ‘s feelings.
  5. You Shouldrespect to your friends ‘ opinions.
  1. Fill in the parenthesis with “True” (T) or “False” (F). 2x5=10 pts

  1. Visual learners prefer learning by listening.(___)
  2. The tone of voice and speed aren’t important for auditory learners.(___)
  3. Tactile learners learn by touching, moving and making experiments. (___)
  4. The right hemisphere is the creative part of the brain.(___)
  5. Left brain has talent in music. (___)
  1. Circle the right one ( Doğru olanı yuvarlak içine alınız) 2x5=10 pts

  1. They lived happy/happily
  2. I can speak English very good/well.
  3. Tom always studies hard/hardly.
  4. She is a careful/carefully driver.
  5. Tim is a lazy/laziely student.

  1. Fill in the blanks by using “use to” or “used to” 2x5=10 pts

1. I ___________ swim .
2.Mary didn’t _________read a book.
3.George__________get up early.
4.Did you_________smoke?
5.I didn’t __________study regularly.

F) Sağ ve sol beyni baskı olan insanlara ait bildiğiniz özellikleri yazınız. 2x6=12 pts
Right-brained people Left-brained people
___________________ __________________
___________________ __________________
___________________ __________________

  1. Match the words. 2x4=8 pts
1.Trustworthy a) paying alot of attention
2.Enjoyable b) behave badly
3.Rude c)give sb pleasure
4.Carefully d) dependable

F)Choose the correct answer.2x15=30 pts

1. Aydın: What do you think about Burak?
Serdar: He is nice but sometimes he isn’t___________. I told my secret to him and he told it to everybody.
a) dependable b)patient
c)tolerant c) naughty
2.I believe Cem is a tactile learner because __________
a) he always needs to see teachers’ movements and body language.
b) he never joins sports activities.
c) he can’t understand anything without doing and experiencing.
d) he forgets names but remembers faces.

3. Halil learns best by watching and looking at the pictures and graphics. He is a ………
a)visual learner
b)kineasthetic learner
c)auditory learner
d)lazy learner
4. At the end of the film the prince and the princess got married and lived______.
a) easily b) hard
c) carefully d) happily

5.Hasan likes to study with illustrated text books,diagrams and flashcards. So he is a/an…………………………
A)auditory learner
B)tactile learner
C) visual learners
D)kinaesthetic learner

6. ………………….. learners need to see the teacher’s body language or facial expression in order to understand a subject better.
a)Tactile b) auditory
c)Hardworking d) Visual

7. If I am nervous I call my friends or listen to music to relax . Because I am a/an ……… learner.
a)Visual b)Supportive
c)Auditory d) Friendly .

8.While right brain learners prefer to study lying down, left-brain learners prefer to study……………………….. .
a)Sitting up erect b) watching tv
c) playing tennis d) music
9.My best friend wants to g oto England _________improve his English.
a) in order to b)according to
c) for example d) so
10.Cümlede bulunan boşluk hangisi ile doldurulabilir?

You are left brained. You…..
a)like posters, flashcards
b)understand with body language
c)prefer studying sitting up erect
d)can’t express yourself in words

11.Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi yanlıştır?

a)Touching & exploring Tactile
b)Listening & tone of voice Auditory
c)posters & facial expressions Visual
d)working with groups & listening  Kinaesthetic

12.George: I have got a terrible headache
Mary: You ________ go to doctor
a) like b) shouldn’t
c)had better d)had better not
13.Aşağıdaki cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere hangi seçenekler gelmelidir?Her students are always ………………… because they always listen to their teacher……………….
a) careful / silent
b) silent / careful
c) silent / carefully
d) silent / loudly
14.I ________walking to running.
a) would b) can
c)prefer d)want
15. A new student came to our classroom. But, he doesn’t get on well with anybody. I think, he doesn’t have a good ............................. .
a) family relationship b) colleague relationship c) human-animal relationship d) classmate relationship

Duration :35 mins
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